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     Total Knee 2000

     The industry standard in polycentric knees, the total knee,
     has been redesigned, and given a whole new look. Now
     the knee is stronger and more durable. This is the
     go-to-knee for superior shock absorption, increased
     comfort and a more natural gait. Mid-swing shortening
     offers increased toe clearance during swing to prevent
     hip-hiking and the 3-phase hydraulic swing control
     accommodates changes in walking speed. Plus, the
     adjustable stance flexion feature that occurs during early
     stance, reducing shock and stress on the residual limb.

  • Designed for multi-speed ambulators.
  • Polycentric knee with geometric locking system.
  • Swing control adjustments through 3-phase (3-valve) hydraulic system.
  • Adjustable stance flexion.
  • Adjustable extension promoter.
  • Low build weight, useful for long transfemoral limbs or knee disarticulation.