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     Mauch Knee

     Don't be fooled by the sophisticated profile, with the
    extension stop, lightweight Aluminum construction and
    enhanced spherical bearings, the Mauch Knee is capable
    of withstanding the most unpredictable conditions.

     Who is the Mauch Knee for:
  • People who have the ability to walk at different speeds.
  • Those who are looking for a reliable knee to help them enjoy an active lifestyle.
  • Users that are interested in advanced performance functions, i.e. natural stair and ramp descent, running and/or cycling.

Mauch Knee

Simple to set up, the knee’s adjustment features (including the adjustable extension assist) can all be accessed externally with no disassembly of the prosthesis required. The design is maintenance free. Balance knee is available with stronger extension assist and a manual lock.

User profile:

  • Household and limited community ambulators
  • Single, slow speed ambulators
  • Low impact users and those with little voluntary control
  • Rated up to 125kg (275lbs)